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Blue Metallic Epoxy Floors in Tampa, Fl

CJ Garage Flooring completed a blue metallic epoxy flooring project. Do you like the pictures you see of blue metallic epoxy floors? A seamless, glossy finish and three-dimensional appearance are part of what makes them so alluring. These exotic floors utilize a 100% solids epoxy floor base and a specially formulated pearlescent metallic pigment. The metallic pigment creates depth and movement in the flooring that replicates ocean blue waters.

Epoxy Flooring With Unique Design And Durability

The blue metallic epoxy floors offer more than just sheer allure. In fact, this kind of epoxy application improves the durability of the surface it is applied on. Metallic epoxy floors are just as resistant to chemicals, oil, salt, water and wear as any other high-performance epoxy floor coatings. And, just like any other epoxy coating, they can cover minor flaws and imperfections. In addition, metallic epoxy floors are easy to maintain, and the amount of light they reflect is outstanding due to the glossy nature of the surface.

In other words, not only will blue metallic epoxy floors look great, but they will meet all of your performance needs.

As is the case with regular garage epoxy floor coverings, installing metallic floors is tricky and take skill and creativity. And so it’s recommended to have professional installers do the job. If you want blue metallic epoxy floors for your home or garage in Tampa, FL, CJ Garage Flooring is the right contractor for the job. We specialize in installing metallic floors and have the skills, experience and materials to provide you with the best results.

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Blue Metallic Epoxy Floors Photos

Blue metallic epoxy floors tampa fl


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If you are looking for a Metallic Epoxy Floor professional in the Tampa area, please call CJ Garage Flooring at 813-296-2777, or complete our online request form.